About Us

HostUs is an external server management company that ensures absolute security of your business data and hassle-free, set-and-forget IT management.


The HostUs Advantage

In business since 2006, HostUs is an Australian-based IT Services and Telephony services provider. We specialise in helping small and medium sized offices and companies realise the benefits of enterprise-level IT services, without the need for internal IT (and the associated expenses that come with such.)

We’re a technical company, with a decidedly human side. We don’t utilise advanced “techspeak” to impress anyone – instead, we’ll tell you exactly what we can do, and how we can help you (this website is a good example of this). Everything is clear and intuitive with us, and you’ll never be left looking for answers.

Advanced Technology

That stated, we are highly advanced in terms of technology, with two separate data centres housing our servers and other equipment. We feel this extreme (and redundant) technology is the most secure and efficient way to provide you exceptional service, and allows you a confidence level in our services that you will not find anywhere else. And we feel our personnel are world-class, and we can help you in any capacity you require – if it’s tech related, we’re on it.

First Rate Support

Our service and technical support is second to none. We provide personal technicians, assigned to your account.

This increases familiarity, and, as a result, more streamlined and efficient service. Nobody has to explain anything to our technicians, because they are already familiar with you, your people, what you do, and how you do it.

Zero Frustration

Our clients actually enjoy calling our technical support services, because with HostUs, calling us is not an exercise in frustration.

We would be pleased to show you how we can increase your efficiency and productivity, while reducing your IT expenses.

Simply contact us for a free consultation and product demo.