Cloud PBX

HostUs Cloud PBX offers you a better phone service, for less money. HostUs enables you to take full advantage of enterprise-level phone features and services, for a fraction of the cost. In fact, we are confident that right now, we can give you superior phone and PBX service, for less money than you are currently paying. Think about that – we will increase your features, give you more reliability, give you the rock-solid stability and advanced workings of an enterprise-level system, for less than you pay now. We’ll even provide the phones.


Advanced Customer Service Queue Features

Your customers hate being in the queue. With our advanced features, we can eliminate that negativity by routing calls faster, and offering a variety of options, including a “hang up, hold your place, we’ll call you back” feature that everyone loves.

Seamless Integration with Exchange

MS Exchange is full of contacts, from client and customers to suppliers to employees families. And with our Cloud PBX service, you can instantly see who is calling (is your biggest customer calling? You may want to answer that one right away).

Lower Pricing (on mobile as well)

We have an option to drastically lower your mobile calling expenses by utilizing our GSM Gateway (we even cut our own bill in half). Ask us about it.

Better Sound Quality

Even if you are currently using a VOIP / PBX setup, it is likely your calls are going through the general internet. Which means spotty quality at best. With Hostus, calls are delivered to our data centres, and then relayed to you via private network, meaning there is no compromise to call quality. In fact, your calls will sound better than ever.

Modern Call Center Features

No matter what size your company Even if you don’t have the call volume to have a standing queue, you will still benefit from the feature-rich command center. Knowing who is calling, being able to monitor usage, call screening, listen in (with “whisper”, meaning you can use this feature to help train people).

Exceptional Phones

We have some of the best phones on the market, with all manner of features. Multiple lines, caller ID’s, easy conferencing, messaging – the very best. Pick your level of features, and we’ll provide exceptional phones. Would you like a free consultation and/or demo of our services? Simply contact us here, and we’ll do the rest.