Cloud Windows Desktop

Our Cloud Desktop brings the reliability, security, and performance of the cloud right to your business. For less than you are likely paying now. The basics involve all of your computers hooked to a central network that we provide. That’s really the biggest difference –instead of YOU having a server and hosting the network, we do it. This makes your terminals clients of the network (just like before), but with distinct advantages.

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Cloud PBX

HostUs Cloud PBX offers you a better phone service, for less money. HostUs enables you to take full advantage of enterprise-level phone features and services, for a fraction of the cost. In fact, we are confident that right now, we can give you superior phone and PBX service, for less money than you are currently paying. Think about that – we will increase your features, give you more reliability, give you the rock-solid stability and advanced workings of an enterprise-level system, for less than you pay now. We’ll even provide the phones.

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Cloud Exchange

Easy e-mail and collaboration – from anywhere. Our Cloud Exchange service allows you and your employees to harness the power of Microsoft Exchange, without any of the headaches typically associated with such. Hostus will host and configure exchange to work the way you and your employees want to work, and allows you the freedom and efficiency that comes with a truly collaborative communication environment.

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Web Hosting

Our web hosting services are the “cherry on top” for our clients (who typically use our cloud desktop and other services), because then they have one point of contact for everything. We offer both Windows and Linux based web hosting, and offer redundant DNS hosting between our two data centers (which means 100% uptime is all but guaranteed).

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