Specialised Businesses


Many businesses are in category of their own due to their specialised nature.
A one-size-fits-all data management and IT solution simply won’t cut it with these companies.
Our team at HostUs can audit your current system and design one for the future that will safeguard your data and grow with your business.
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The Client

Chess Moving Adelaide / Fort Knox Records Adelaide is both a moving and storage company, and a document / records-storing service as well. They have offices in several major cities, and service the entirety of Australia.

The Need

The Adelaide location had several issues that had to be overcome. To begin, the company’s in-house servers were at the end of their life cycle. And as the internet became more important to their business, speed was a noticeable issue. One bottleneck on speed was the general area where the offices were located – the copper wire used to deliver their internet was not up to snuff for the load that would be required (this is one reason they turned to us years ago for e-mail service. Now they wanted everything.)

The Fort Knox Records part of the business was moving to allowing customers the ability to log on and view their documents, without Fort Knox Records having to manage it. The new solution also had to work with the company’s massive scanners, which was a very important part of the company’s revenue.

The Wish List

An in-country solution was paramount, as the firm’s document storage customers felt far more comfortable with their documents secured in Australia (this also ensured nobody was subjected to the US’s or other country’s laws regarding record-keeping.) Backing up remotely (and automatically) was vital as well.

Of course, speed and scalability were also important. The system had to be fast today, and be fully adaptable for tomorrow. And the solution had to work with the company’s scanners, and keep up with the scanned load (which was substantial), without adding more workers.

In addition, like many of our customers, Chess / Fort Knox suffered from “several versions of common office software” – it would be nice if we could get everyone on the same page (literally!)

The company also wanted to update their telephony system. They felt like they were paying a lot for their current system, and not really getting much service out of it. Calls to support were maddening, as there were no dedicated techs, and every detail had to be explained to new techs, every time.

And while we were at all of this, could we address the copper wire / internet delivery as well?

Our Service

HostUs is its own ISP, with resale rights to the fibre optic cable in place (which is actually fairly uncommon). Further, we’ll happily work with smaller and medium sized businesses, and be able to work with their tight deadlines.

So the first thing was to get Chess / Fort Knox into the fast lane on our fibre optic cable, which ensured the data pipeline was moving without issue. Once that was in place, we utilized a cloud server solution, which replaced their in-house rack, and got offsite backups on a consistent schedule.

We spent quite a bit of time learning their scanners and upload process, and ensured that the solution worked flawlessly without the need for additional personnel. The secure storage allowed for password-protected customer logins accessing their individual documents.

We also implemented our VOIP telephony solution, fully tailored to their needs.

End Result

Right away, the increased fibre optic speed was evident, allowing the company to better offer its extensive document scanning and storage solutions without bottlenecks. Normal internet use was unfettered even during peak scanner usage and uploading, something the company was not used to (the company speed scans sometimes thousands of documents daily).

The new cloud server and terminals we provided saved the company from having to buy this equipment and watch helplessly as it grows older. “Fully scalable” is now in the company’s vocabulary.

Customers were happy that their documents were stored in-country, across both of our secure data centres. Customers can now log in securely and access their documents automatically.

All customers’ documents are backed up nightly; and every week, a full 30 days of “bare metal” backups are done. The company will be able to easily recover from any equipment malfunction or disaster.

The best part for Chess Moving / Fort Knox is everything stated works flawlessly, without anyone having to think about it. This goes for software as well – since all software updates are done once on the server, all employees now always have the latest version of MS Word and other software every time they log in.

Telephony is now robust, and able to handle all 20 users effortlessly. The options available are far more involved than they were used to, and employees now are able to change their own ring tones / forwarding / vacation messages, and more. Or they can ask our techs to do it.

In regards to tech, support calls will be handled by two dedicated techs. Dedicating two techs to each and every account like we do ensures that the frustration felt by explaining all details on every call is a thing of the past. Our dedicated techs already know Chess Moving / Fort Knox’s business, system, equipment, and processes without being told.

And the best benefit of all? Total peace of mind. Because besides the cloud servers and VoIP and hosted solutions, we really sell peace of mind.